Aerotec Concept D.O.A. is licensed for the following activities:

– Supplemental Type Certificate (STC)

– Amendments to Supplemental Type Design and Minor Repairs

– Continued Airworthiness

– Approval of Document Changes to the Flight Manual

– Approval of Conditions Under which a Flight Authorization may be required to be issued

– Issuance of OSD Flight Authorization (Operational Adequacy Data)

Related to:

– Flight Vehicle Structure

– Electrical and Avionics Systems

– Cabin Systems and Associated Systems (IFE)

– Limited ATA Hydromechanical Systems 32

– Mission Systems – Performance Flight Qualities

Products covered by the approval

CS-29 Large Rotorcraft

CS-27 Small Rotorcraft

CS-VLR Very light Rotorcraft

CS-25 Large Aeroplane

CS-23 Small Aeroplane

CS-VLA Very Light Aeroplane

Platforms & Skills

Turnkey Solutions

Diversity of projects already done in Cabin, Systems and Structure engineering allow us to provide the Customer with a technical solution in accordance with best cost, quality and lead time.

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